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Sponsor Love: January Edition

It's that time, my friends! I'm always so happy to share a little bit about those who support this space. To put it very simply, I'm incredibly grateful. There have been many times when I've questioned whether or not sponsorships are right for this space and yet, that doubt always is met with sweet emails and new friendships that wouldn't necessarily happen otherwise.

While I'm still getting a handle on sponsorships and navigating the ways I feel comfortable supporting this space, I can't help but feel a little giddy to introduce this month's sponsors to you all. 

At this point, you should already know Marissa and Sam. They've been huge supporters and even stuck with me as the blog transitioned to this new space a few months ago. They're basically the coolest people ever. No really! They run the blog Bourbon & Goose, where they share their adventures, favorite jams, cool places to hang in Southern California and so much more. I seriously can't get enough.

Get to Know Bourbon & Goose:

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Posts I'm loving: 

Kory Woodard runs a design studio focused on "creating designs that let your brand shine."

Get to Know Kory:

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Recent Work I'm Loving:

Twin Stripe is a "lifestyle blog that highlights bright, graphic and eclectic moments."

Get to Know Twin Stripe:

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Posts I'm Loving:

I truly hope you'll take a few minutes to get to know these folks. They've been a wonderful source of inspiration for me and I'm so glad I get to share their corners of the internet with you all!


Interested in sponsoring The Journal? It probably goes without saying that I'd love to have you!
You can get the scoop here and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.



Featured: Twin Stripe Blog Interview


When the lovely ladies with Twin Stripe Magazine reached out to see if they could interview me for Travel Month on their blog, I was thrilled! Katie and Alison have posted the Q & A on their blog today, so head on over and take a gander.

Read more here...


If you haven't been keeping up with their Travel Month posts, be sure to check them out. I'm especially loving their journey to Ireland (part 1 and part 2) and the latest black and white travel gear post.

Many thanks to Katie and Alison for letting me take part in their fun-filled month of adventure!

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Flowers + Matisse + Happy Links


"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." // Henri Matisse

Happy Links:

  • Doesn't this post make you want to set up shop (and a life) in Iceland. {sigh}
  • I'm loving this new series over on the Twin Stripe Blog. I've already put my vote in for tomatoes. Summer growing season here we come!
  • After coming across this super cool sticky tape, I can't stop thinking about all the ways I'd use it. I'm in love with the London skyline, myself. What about you? 

Wrap it Up:

  • On Tuesday, I excitedly launched the redesigned this space, along with a spiffy new portfolio site. It's amazing what a change can do to get you moving in the right direction! 
  • I finally had the chance to interview the founders of one of my favorite Sacramento publications, Submerge Magazine. You can find the full feature here
  • As I decide what this space should become in the coming months, I've asked you lovely readers to help in my spring cleaning efforts with a survey. I love feedback. 


  • If you read People + Places + Things in a reader, be sure to hop out and see the redesigned site! 
  • Many of you used to subscribe using WordPress (my old platform), but I haven't figured out a way to take you with me over to the new platform. If you'd like to re-subscribe, you can use the FeedBurner form in the sidebar on the right of the screen. 
  • If you haven't had a chance to take my super quick and painless survey, you can do so right here. I would really appreciate your feedback as I move forward with this space. 

Happy weekend, my friends! 

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