I'm making it official, my friends: the 100 Days of Discussion book project is underway and the books will be making an appearance very soon! 

I mentioned this idea over on Instagram before the holidays (and in this post last week) and I'm very excited to share that the book has been written and edited, is now being designed and formatted, and will soon head off to the printer. 

If you're not familiar with the 100 Days of Discussion project, it was my contribution to the 100 Days Project launched by Elle Luna and the team at The Great Discontent in early 2015. My husband and I vowed to ask each other one question every day for 100 days as a way to spark discussion and get to know one another all over again. 

Not only was the project completely worthwhile on the personal front, it also opened the door to a deeper connection to those in my online community, reinforced my love for conversation, and brought to light the true power in committing to a daily practice.

I've set up a page dedicated to everything you might want to know about the book, along with a book waiting list with which I'll be announcing all news related to the book launch.

I'm incredibly excited about this project and I cannot wait to share it with you all!