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72 Hours in Denver, Colorado


Visiting a new city is always a good time. Whether I'm adventuring in a quaint town or vast metropolis, I just never tire of experiencing a place for the first time. Luckily, my friends Megan and Philip were kind enough to be my tour guides and gracious hosts for a 72-hour trip to Denver, Colorado at the end of April. 

While the trip was a quick one, I learned five very important things about the Mile High City and the people who live there.

1. Denver's art scene is incredible!

Who knew?! Not this girl. Yet, everywhere we turned, we came upon fantastic public art, street art, galleries and museums. I couldn't stop finding cool things to capture. Nice work, Denver!

Lao Tzu // By Mark di Suvero

Lao Tzu // By Mark di Suvero

The Big Sweep // By Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

The Big Sweep // By Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

Dancers // By Jonathan Borofsky

Dancers // By Jonathan Borofsky

Dancers // By Jonathan Borofsky

Dancers // By Jonathan Borofsky

Dancers // By Jonathan Borofsky

Dancers // By Jonathan Borofsky

I See What You Mean // By Lawrence Argent

I See What You Mean // By Lawrence Argent

I See What You Mean // By Lawrence Argent

I See What You Mean // By Lawrence Argent

The Yearling // By Donald Lipski

The Yearling // By Donald Lipski

The Shoot Out // By Red Grooms

The Shoot Out // By Red Grooms

2. The city is full of cool neighborhoods.

If there's one thing I like about exploring a new city, it's figuring out where the locals go to eat, shop and hang out. Megan and Philip were on board and we walked around several super cool districts and neighborhoods throughout the city. While I didn't do the best job capturing all of the awesomeness, I definitely appreciated them showing me around and I have a nice long list of places to check out next time I'm in town. 


3. Denver's public transit is alright by me! 

Seriously. It's pretty great. Sure, it's no underground subway, but Denver's public transit system gets the job done. We were able to check out much of the city via the light rail and free shuttles (in downtown). Plus, taking public transit meant we could have a drink (or two) while taking in the sights!


4. Denver is definitely a university town.

The University of Denver is beautiful. Philip is currently working toward his MBA and he and Megan showed me around campus one morning. As we explored the areas surrounding the university, it became clear to me just how much fun happens off campus. Sports bars, restaurants, you name it... they've got it.


5. When the sun is shining, the people of Denver love to get outdoors. 

So here's the deal: I flew in on a Friday. It had been snowing two days before I arrived. I left on a Monday and they were expecting a huge spring storm to dump more snow by Wednesday. In between, however, we enjoyed gloriously sunny days. Megan took me to Washington Park (pdf), which is one of the largest parks in Denver. We soaked up all of that sunshine (and people watching) like nobody's business.


After spending a few days in Denver, I left wishing I could have explored a little more. I suppose that's the way you want to leave a new place, right? Wanting just a little more time?

I have a feeling I'll be back in Colorado to visit Megan and Philip very, very soon.


Have any of you been to Denver lately? What were your favorite sights to see or things to do?  Have you ever left a city and wished you could have just one more day to take it all in?

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Rollins Lake + Edward Abbey + Happy Links


{"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit." // Edward Abbey}

Happy Links:

  • Someone tweeted about Coffitivity the other day. Have you heard of it? It's a great way to add ambient sound to your work space -- whether you work from home and need a little background noise or share a cubicle and can't hang with the office chatter.
  • This collection of clever street art made me smile. I hope it does the same for you.
  • John and Sherry at Young House Love are an inspiration on so many levels, but I have to say that this post left me in awe of their grace and charm. Can you imagine having people hound you in the comment section of your blog about the state of your uterus? Umm. No. Sherry handled it with more diplomacy than anyone I have ever witnessed.

Wrap it Up:

Thanks to a busy off-blog writing schedule and a very unwelcome 48-hour flu bug, I've only posted twice in just as many weeks so I'm wrapping those up today.

  • Building a career around creative work has always appealed to me. Last week, I announced the launch of a new series aimed at shining a light on those who do it well.
  • This week, I shared the final piece of my project for Anne Ditmeyer's map design class. If you're interested in reading about the project from start to finish, you can do so herehere and here. She's teaching the class again in late May, if anyone's interested!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!



Oh, Portland...

Last weekend I met up with some of my best girlfriends in Portland, Oregon. You see, we're all turning 30 this year and we decided that we absolutely had to get together for some fun.Let me tell you: fun times were had. We pretty much ate, drank and danced our way through the city. We went on a weekend during Portland's Rose Festival, which was awesome. These folks know how to throw a party.

I didn't take a ton of pictures with my camera, but ol' reliable (aka: my iPhone) came through like a champ. I, of course, edited the photos using Instagram (@JenSnyder, if you're interested). I'm calling it the lazy girl's photo edit.

We stayed at the Ace Hotel, which was just as hip and quirky as you'd expect it to be:


As I mentioned, we ate and drank a lot. If I were to make a food and drink roster of the weekend, it would look a little like this:

In real life, it looked bit like this:


The Rose Festival action was in full swing on our last day there:


We caught a drag show at Darcell's, which I highly recommend if you're in the area. So fun:


And we definitely caught a glimpse of Portland's weird side:


The above picture captured a little street art we found across from Powell's Books at the end of the night. Oh, Portland...

Overall, the trip was...well...amazing. I was in a bit of a food and drink coma the whole trip, but having my girls together was so worth it.

Anyone else spend time in Portland recently? How was it?

I'm already looking forward my next visit. I feel like there's so much more to see!


Happy Thursday, all!

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