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CYOP #44 - Embracing Rejection + Giving Yourself the Space to Create with Textile Designer + Artist Anna Joyce


CYOP #44 - Embracing Rejection + Giving Yourself the Space to Create with Textile Designer + Artist Anna Joyce

CYOP #44 - Embracing Rejection + Giving Yourself the Space to Create with Designer + Artist Anna Joyce

Today’s interview brings us to the Portland studio of Anna Joyce of Anna Joyce Design. Not only is her work absolutely beautiful, but her story is pretty amazing as well. She is an artist, textile designer and soon-to-be author who hasn’t had the easiest road to success.

During the interview, we get into some of the life events that really made her stop and think about her work. We also touch on how important it is to be persistent, give yourself the time and space to create your best work and why failure isn’t always a bad thing.

This is a good one, you guys. Happy listening!



"When you begin to take yourself seriously, others take you seriously." —Textile Designer + Artist Anna Joyce


Follow along with Anna's adventures:



A Big CYOP Road Trip Thank You

The internet can be a strange place, you know? Yet every time I turn around, I'm rediscovering its awesomeness. For example, when I had a few interview spots to fill in Seattle, you all gave me some amazing suggestions! And holy smokes, did you ever come through with LA and Pacific Northwest food/drink/shop recommendations when I asked.

Though I'll probably be on the road back to California by the time you read this, I'm actually writing from an adorable VRBO studio in Portland (for which I also have the internet to thank) and I'm simply feeling grateful. I'm grateful for those who have offered to let me stay in their homes as I travel. I'm grateful for those of you who have reached out on social media and via email to offer up suggestions and tips. I'm grateful to have all of you listening and supporting the show in such a big way.

I know I haven't been able to respond to all of your emails and suggestions in a timely manner while I'm on the road, but I need you all to know how much your support really means to me. 

So, thank you. Thank you.



Oh, Portland...

Last weekend I met up with some of my best girlfriends in Portland, Oregon. You see, we're all turning 30 this year and we decided that we absolutely had to get together for some fun.Let me tell you: fun times were had. We pretty much ate, drank and danced our way through the city. We went on a weekend during Portland's Rose Festival, which was awesome. These folks know how to throw a party.

I didn't take a ton of pictures with my camera, but ol' reliable (aka: my iPhone) came through like a champ. I, of course, edited the photos using Instagram (@JenSnyder, if you're interested). I'm calling it the lazy girl's photo edit.

We stayed at the Ace Hotel, which was just as hip and quirky as you'd expect it to be:


As I mentioned, we ate and drank a lot. If I were to make a food and drink roster of the weekend, it would look a little like this:

In real life, it looked bit like this:


The Rose Festival action was in full swing on our last day there:


We caught a drag show at Darcell's, which I highly recommend if you're in the area. So fun:


And we definitely caught a glimpse of Portland's weird side:


The above picture captured a little street art we found across from Powell's Books at the end of the night. Oh, Portland...

Overall, the trip was...well...amazing. I was in a bit of a food and drink coma the whole trip, but having my girls together was so worth it.

Anyone else spend time in Portland recently? How was it?

I'm already looking forward my next visit. I feel like there's so much more to see!


Happy Thursday, all!

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