The Power of "Me Too" -

I'll be the first to admit that working primarily online can be a lonely enterprise. Despite the positives that come with being able to instantly connect with nearly anyone, anywhere and at any time, there is nothing quite as powerful as a real life connection. In my humble opinion, the internet isn't the great connector we all hoped it would be. Instead, I'm inclined to believe it can only take us part of the way.

Here's why: since making a conscious effort to reach out to others through coffee dates, coworking, happy hours and even my podcast interviews, I have met some pretty incredible people. To be clear, I "met" some of the people online initially, but forging friendships and working relationships didn't really happen until we met up away from the screen.

The best part? More often than not, the meetings and chats have resulted in multiple "me too" moments. There is some serious power in those two little words, my friends.

It tends to go a little bit like this:

"Hey, I'm trying to figure out how to launch a podcast."

"Me too! Let's learn together."

Boom. Instant learning partner.

"I'm desperately trying to find clarity in my business model."

"Man... have I ever been there! This is what I did to get over that hurdle."

Bam. New business mentor.

"I used to love going to that event.

"Yes! They always had the best food trucks. We should go check out this other event next weekend!"

New friendship? Check.

"I despise the accounting side of running my own business."

"Me too, but I love my accountant. Here's her info."

Problem solved.


You see where this is going, right? It may seem a bit obvious, but in a world full of screens and virtual connections I'm finding that it's not until we really share with others, have face-to-face conversations and drop the selfie-ness that has taken over the online realm that we make connections that truly stick.

So, what about you? Have you experienced "me too" moments with new friends, colleagues or contacts? Have you found that meeting up face-to-face makes a difference?