A few weekends ago, I went for a drive around Lake Berryessa and the surrounding area. Determined to practice using my camera somewhere other than our backyard, not even a hazy sky could stop me. You see, I have hundreds of 'practice' pictures waiting to be sifted through and 99% of them contain either blooms from our yard or our adorable dogs. It was time to change my view a little.Here are a few scenes captured along the way:


It's amazing what you can find just a short distance from home. Don't get me wrong, we love vacationing in far away places, but sometimes it's nice to appreciate the beauty we have right here in our region.

Just don't call it a 'staycation.' I've hated strongly disliked that term since...what...2007? Isn't that when every media outlet KNOWN TO MAN started using it to promote day trips? Ugh.

Anyway, I digress. The husband and I were talking this weekend about how we'd like to go on more day hikes. Anyone out there have scenic hikes within an hour or two of Sacramento they'd like to share? Recommendations appreciated. :)

Happy Monday, all!