It's no secret that I'm a bridge nerd. I just love 'em. I can't help it. They're works of art, in my mind, and so darn functional.So, when we headed to Massachusetts last May, I knew that I'd get my fix. I took my husband on a bridge hunt and we were lucky to find some really beautiful structures to gaze upon. Okay...I gazed. My husband just enabled my obsession.

First up was the Bridge of Flowers in the sweet little town of Shelburne, Massachusetts.


Apparently the Bridge of Flowers originally served as a trolley bridge in the early 1900's. Now it's, quite frankly, the most beautiful pedestrian bridge I've ever seen. It's also a fairly significant tourist attraction for the town, which can't hurt, right?

A few months after our visit, massive flooding hit much of the area thanks to Hurricane Irene. Check out this video:

Crazy, huh? Luckily the bridge stood strong and the town will celebrate its annual opening ceremony on April 1.

You can read more about the bridge here. If you're ever wandering around Northern Massachusetts, do yourself a favor and take a drive along the Mohawk Trail and get to Shelburne. Spring is obviously an amazing time to visit...maybe just be a bit leery of hurricane season.


Stay tuned for more 'Build a Bridge' posts in the future because, if nothing else, my love of bridges makes for fun blog content. :) Anyone out there have a bridge story to share? We're always looking for new places to visit, so be sure to link up in the comments section!