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Pescadero + Bernoulli + Happy Links

After a week of dreaming of, reminiscing about and plotting our next trip to the U.S. Northern Rockies, I thought I'd better throw in a nice sunset-over-the-Pacific photo for today's post.It's Friday (yippee!), so enjoy this little weekly wrap-up and have a great weekend!


{"Nature always tends to act in the simplest way." // Bernoulli}

Happy Links:

  • Sacramento chef Adam Pechal is making the grade on ABC's The Taste. Any of my Sacramento friends watching? We all know reality TV isn't really real, but it's sure fun watching him do what he does best on a national show.
  • When Apartment Therapy featured this adaptable house in Washington I did a double take. Can you imagine living in a place like that? Talk about options!
  • Have you checked out these photos of the Flower Carpet Festival in Brussels? AMAZING. Anyone seen it in person?

Wrap it Up:

If you missed any posts from this week, just follow the links!

  • We made it official: Glacier National Park is on the books for this year. Plus, our favorite Grand Teton cabin rentals (from our 2009 road trip) finally got the recognition they deserve.
  • I found some old footage from the aforementioned trip and made a little video. I keep watching it and smiling. Memories are amazing little treasures, aren't they?


Happy Friday, all!

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