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Helpful Online Courses for Creatives

Helpful Online Courses for Creatives

As I step into the new-to-me world of teaching courses for creatives and business owners, I've developed an even deeper respect for those who teach regularly. There's something special about people who can distill their knowledge into an engaging, helpful, valuable package—it's harder than it looks, friends! 

That said, it's incredibly rewarding to share what you know and I've had the pleasure of taking a lot of online courses from people who do it really well. I thought I'd share a few favorites for those of you who are looking to learn a skill, become more effective and keep yourself well as you walk your own creative path:

The Creative Class with Paul Jarvis

I've officially signed up for Paul Jarvis' Creative Class and I couldn't be more excited. Piecing together an income can be challenging at best and no matter where we are in our journey, there's always something to be learned from others. I'm currently looking for ways to create better systems, find more of the right clients and continue building a sustainable business. I've admired Paul Jarvis' work for years and I look forward to learning from him! Interested? Sign up here

Skillshare Classes with Anne Ditmeyer

As some of you may remember, I've been a longtime fan of Anne's work. She's doing so many incredible things these days, but I'm most grateful for her willingness to share what she knows! What's great about taking Anne's Skillshare classes is that they're project-based. I'm not sure about you, but I tend to retain much more of what I've learned if it's applied directly to a project. I've taken Anne's "Map Making" class and absolutely loved it. She also teaches several design courses and is currently teaching a class called "The Art of the Travel Poster" which sounds really fun.

Instagram E-course with Melissa Camilleri of @ShopCompliment

So here's the thing about Instagram: it's great for sharing personal photos, but it is an even more powerful tool for growing a creative business. I've slowly (and sometimes painfully) been transitioning my account from a let's-share-all-the-things personal feed to a business/lifestyle account that's a bit more curated. I'm still learning and Melissa's class has helped immensely. It's a perfect place to start if you're looking to use the platform to position and market your business. Interested? Sign up here. (Note: this is an affiliate link and if you purchase through this link, I get a teeny tiny commission. I appreciate you supporting my creative venture as you grow your own!)

Eat.Live.Love with Holistic Health Coach Nikki Stern

Being in business for yourself can take a toll on both your mental and physical state. Unfortunately, friends, I'm writing this out of experience! My word for the year is "well," so one of the first orders of business over the holidays was to sign up for Nikki's Eat.Live.Love e-course. It was just what I needed: a set of simple daily challenges that got me out of my head and doing the things that I know are good for my body. I find that I'm a better business owner, freelancer, podcast host, etc. when I've set aside time to take care of myself. If you're feeling a little bogged down as we head into spring, Nikki's course can help!

Of course, if you're interested in journaling or understanding earned media as a small business owner, I'm gearing up to open my next round of courses as well. And if you're not into learning online, feel free to share this list with a friend who might benefit from one of the resources mentioned above.

Happy learning, my friends!