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How We Do: A Perfect December Day

How We Do  column artwork courtesy of  Latrina  +  Hanna .

How We Do column artwork courtesy of Latrina + Hanna.

I was super excited to read about the new How We Do column from Latrina over at Of Trees & Hues and Hanna from Hanna's Places the other day. The collaboration is focused on sharing the way we experience a particular day, event or activity and I, for one, cannot wait to follow along with this series. You can read more from Latrina and Hanna regarding the column here and here

Since the thought of sharing stories with other writers and bloggers across the globe warms my heart, I decided to jump right in with my very own "Perfect December Day." I hope you'll join in as well!


A Perfect December Day

My perfect December day involves snow. As a California gal who has watched the state experience several dry years in a row, I can tell you that simply finding snow can pose a challenge. That said, I'm inclined to believe that a challenge makes the journey even more special. Don't you agree?  

The morning would start off with my husband and I waking up and making coffee, tea and breakfast. Our pup Hank would demand his morning snuggles and we'd oblige. Then he'd tell us in his charming way that he wants to play fetch and we'd make that happen as well.

After breakfast, we'd get our gear ready and load up the car for a day of snowshoeing somewhere near Lake Tahoe. Living so close to the Sierras has to be one of the top ten perks of living in Northern California. Adventure is never too far away. On the drive up and over the summit, we'd do what we always do on road trips: listen to music and get into deep discussions. I'm not sure what it is about being in a car together, but my husband and I tend to cover serious ground on the communication front. Whether we talk about our future, next year's travel plans or the state of the world in which we live, we always seem to have life pretty much figured out by the time we reach our destination.

Once we reached our trailhead of choice, we'd gather our gear together and head out on the trail. There is something so incredibly peaceful about being out on a snowy trek: making our way through the woods, savoring the crunch of our snowshoes on freshly fallen powder and feeling the chill of the air deep in our lungs as we stop every so often to take in the sights — that's living, my friends.

After the hike, we'd pile ourselves back into the car and set out in search of a late lunch or early dinner. There are so many hole-in-the-wall joints between the Sacramento Valley and the Sierras that it's tough to decide, but we'd pick one and regain our strength through comfort food and a nice hot cup of something delicious.

Upon filling our bellies, we'd head home. Hank would be waiting patiently for another round of snuggles and play time and, again, we'd oblige.


So what does your perfect December day look like? I'd love to read stories from all of you and I'm sure Latrina and Hanna would too! 

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