The day has arrived! It's finally time for me to announce the first ever CYOP Artist Resident! Please join me in welcoming artist and designer Melanie Biehle to the CYOP family. She is a self-professed listener of the show and, to be completely transparent, I have been following her work for several years.

That, however, isn't what landed her this collaboration. With so many talented souls sending in applications, it was hard to decide who might be a good fit for this season. Most of the applicants are listeners of the show and I had already been following the work of many of those who were kind enough to share their stories and interests with me (have I mentioned how much I love this community?).

Architectural   by Melanie Biehle

Architectural by Melanie Biehle

It was Melanie's abstract leanings and her desire to explore how her work could be combined with the written word in various applications—from podcasts to corporate communications to advertising—that truly piqued my interest for CYOP Season 4. It's clear from her work that she doesn't shy away from using art to communicate and I'm thrilled to have her on board for the show's fourth season.

Lost in Translation   by Melanie Biehle

Lost in Translation by Melanie Biehle

Surf's Up   by Melanie Biehle

Surf's Up by Melanie Biehle


Melanie Biehle is an artist and a surface pattern and textile print designer based in Seattle. She's inspired by the architecture and energy of cities, the adventure of travel, the fluidity, movement and the meditative qualities of oceans and lakes, and the mood boards in her mind based on 60s rom-coms, mid-century modern textiles from the 50s, and California surf culture. 

Melanie at work!

You'll be getting a more in-depth introduction via the podcast very soon, but in the mean time, be sure to check out Melanie's work and go say hello over on Instagram!

I'm truly looking forward to this collaboration and all of the fun elements I know Melanie will bring to the show. Stay tuned for more, my friends!