On Community + #CYOPwhereilisten

Just one of the many incredible things I've enjoyed since starting the Creating Your Own Path podcast in early 2014 is interacting with the community that has built up around the show. If you had told me two years ago that a lot of the people who tune in would also be showing up on Instagram, I might have called you crazy.

Yet, that's one of the places where stories are shared, feelings are validated and instances of "hey, me too!" pop up on a regular basis. Since it's impossible for us to all be in the same room with one another, I find the fact that listeners voice their opinions and thoughts in that forum really inspiring.

So, last year I started using the #CYOPwhereilisten hashtag as a way for members of the CYOP community to share where and how (and—in the caption—much of the why) they listen to the show. So many of us listen to podcasts for different reasons and during different parts of our day and I've loved seeing the creative ways people are approaching the hashtag on Instagram.

If you haven't shared your own #CYOPwhereilisten moment yet, I urge you to join us! It's a good time and there's always a chance I'll feature some of the photos on my own Instagram feed.

Happy listening (rumor has it, Season 3 launches NEXT WEEK) and happy 'gramming, my friends!