Unplugged at Ocean Cove // Highway 1 // Northern California

It's rare we find a place without some connection to outside world. Wherever we go, it seems as though there's always an opportunity to ping off some tower or tap into someone's wifi. Photos, texts, posts, likes, shares, emails—they're all rushing at us a million miles a minute and it's so easy to contribute to the noise. 

I do it all the time.

Recently, I was telling a few friends about this glorious place called Ocean Cove where smart phones go dumb and wifi is a dirty word. 

"It's amazing," I said. "It's so peaceful there because we're not constantly connected."

"You know," one replied with a condescending smirk. "You can always just turn off your phone."

To that, I laughed and said, "Yeah, I don't ever do that."

Unplugged at Ocean Cove // Highway 1 // Northern California

In my defense, I do leave my phone tucked away much of the time when we're adventuring or spending time with loved ones, but maybe I should turn off my phone and shut the laptop more regularly (like Tiffany Shlain). Maybe I shouldn't be scrolling through feeds or sharing things that inspire me quite as much as I do and seek that peaceful feeling instead. I don't really take it all that seriously—the sharing and connectedness—but I do know that the constant flow of information can become tiresome.

We're getting another chance to unplug along Highway 1 this fall and I hope (with my whole heart) Ocean Cove remains a place where we can detach from technology, but I'm considering unplugging more often—no matter where we are. 


So, tell me: Have you considered a tech break once a week? Do you have no-tech zones in your home? I'd love to know what you all do to unplug from time to time.