Who are your favorite online storytellers? Share on Instagram every Saturday using the hashtag #storytellersaturdays!

If we're friends over on Instagram, you may have noticed something new showing up in my feed lately. Several weekends ago, I decided to get a little creative with how I shared the feeds of those I admire and decided to launch a hashtag project called #storytellersaturdays.

There are so many creative and inspiring folks out there who share their business stories, life stories and every day adventures via social media. My goal is to highlight those who share their journeys in an interesting way and since Instagram has quickly become my favorite community, that's where this little project is going to live.

Want to know the best part? Anyone can join in! 

Here's how it works:

  1. Pick a creative person or business whose Instagram feed offers inspiration. These can be makers, designers, people behind causes you believe in, travelers, writers, artists, singers—you get the idea—anything goes! If you know of a great Instagram storyteller, share away!
  2. Get creative by taking a photo that helps illustrate your appreciation for the person or business you'd like to share.
  3. Write a brief (or lengthy—whatever works for you) caption about why you're sharing this particular feed.
  4. Tag the person or business in the caption and the photo.
  5. Be sure to also add the hashtag #storytellersaturdays in the caption so we can all follow along!

That's it! If you're familiar with other hashtag projects, this one is very similar. Just be sure to take your own photo for the project since reposting is (as it turns out) against the Instagram terms of use and it can be tricky to do it correctly.

I hope you'll join me this Saturday (and every Saturday, if you're up for it!) by highlighting one of your favorite Instagram feeds as well. I'll be checking the #storytellersaturdays feed regularly to see all of your inspiring posts!