So are you all in a Halloween candy-induced haze? We spent our evening contributing to the dental bills of at least a few local families, so I'm considering Halloween 2013 a huge success. 


Before you head out to enjoy the first weekend in November, take a few minutes to check out some good stuff from around the web: 

Friday Favorites: 

  • I love this idea of creating goals to strive for before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. Don't you? I think I may join in the goal-making fun!
  • Holy leaf peeping, Batman!
  • Everything about this pop-up shop makes me smile -- the mission,  the people behind it and the beautiful handmade goods. Read about it. Then go stock up.

Weekly Wrap Up:

Photo: Sunrise at Ocean Cove in early October. 


Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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