As many of you living in the Sacramento Valley know, we have had a long run of frosty mornings around here. Our outdoor thermometer has been getting a workout with overnight temperatures dipping below freezing for a few weeks. Yes, it's cold and we may not be used to it here in California, but it makes for some outdoor fun we can't get around here the rest of the year.I've been heading outside early on these cold mornings to practice with my camera and I'm pretty happy with the results. Cold. But happy.


I don't know about you all, but I feel best when I've allowed myself a moment to take in everything around me and really let it sink in. I find that joy, peace and hopefulness are most present when I'm appreciating nature: the white frosty blanket on front yards and rooftops, the way the light hits the frozen bits of dew and the crunch underfoot as I walk across a freshly frozen lawn.

So, I hope to continue capturing these moments of nature at work, paying attention to small details and appreciating things for what they are. Sounds like a life lesson, no?

The challenge is making sure I apply these tiny, cold, beautiful lessons to all things in life.

I think I'm up for the challenge. How about you?