the CYOP Artist Residency blends the storytelling found on the Creating Your Own Path podcast with the talents of emerging artists, illustrators and designers.

The goal of the program is to elevate important discussions, inspire others to pursue their creative work, and to ultimately support the creative community.


Each year, the CYOP Artist Resident receives access to the creatively charged audience of the podcast through stints as an occasional co-host, promotion in all available online channels, hands-on experience creating commissioned work, professional guidance, and a generous stipend. In return, the resident — who works remotely from their current location — creates a collection of art pieces using important interview moments and pull-quotes from throughout the season.

The culmination of the residency will result in items for the CYOP online shop aimed at celebrating the art of discussion, providing future funding for the program, and giving each participating artist a beautiful, well-rounded portfolio project.

The application window for the 2019 cyop artist residency is Closed.


All U.S.-based artists, designers, and illustrators who are passionate about storytelling across multiple mediums are encouraged to apply for the CYOP Artist Residency. This is a visual/remote residency so no relocation is required.

Ideal candidates are either just getting started with their creative career, in the midst of a career change, or currently pursuing either a formal or self-taught education. 

Applicants should be available for part-time participation and should have at least some experience in the following areas:

  • Creating pieces based on client or professor direction

  • Incorporating the written word into works of art or design

  • Understanding the requirements needed to meet a deadline

  • Converting work to digital formats (depending on artist’s preferred medium)

  • Collaborating with others on a virtual/remote project

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those who apply should also be very familiar with the Creating Your Own Path podcast.


The 2019 CYOP Artist Residency will run from approximately May 1 through October 31, 2019.


The 2019 application window is closed. The 2019 resident will be notified by April 29, 2019 and will officially be announced to the public in May.

To prepare for the application process, interested candidates should be ready with the following information:

  • Your preferred medium (paint, pen, pencil, digital tools, etc.)

  • Your future career goals and how this project would move you closer to those goals

  • Why you feel this residency is a good fit for you

  • Your overall workflow and creative process

  • Examples of work you’ve done in the past (with links)

  • Your availability during the 2019 residency period


The CYOP Artist Residency program is funded, in part, by the items in the shop. On behalf of myself and future program residents, I want to thank each and every one of you who have purchased or plan to purchase items that support this program.

The remainder of the program funding is provided by me, my day job and my side-gig creative work.