Inspiring + Entertaining

Jennifer explores the powerful thoughts and motivations behind creatives. She asks the perfect questions and gives the podcast a relatable conversational tone. Love every minute. Can’t wait for more episodes.
— Stella

Goes Behind the Scenes

One of my favorite things about the show is that Jennifer goes behind the scenes to really find out how these entrepreneurs and creative thinkers got their start. She doesn’t gloss over the surface. I think this is one podcast to keep your eye on!
— Gina


A Creative Gem! 

I love hearing about the creative lives of others and that’s exactly what Jen provides with each episode.
— Tami

Rare Glimpses of Insight + Inspiration

As a creative, it’s important to hear the thoughts and inner workings of other creatives. And even more so, their past, struggles, and what it took to get to where they are. Jennifer Snyder offers a great platform for just that. She asks the right questions which obviously bring out the right answers. Definitely a fan.
— Sami

Encouragement for Creative Minds

Sometimes leading or dreaming of a more creative life can get lonely, but Jennifer’s Creating Your Own Path podcast brings amazing folks who have created their own path right into your living room, car, or office. It’s so hopeful to hear from others who have made it made it work and the friendly interview style makes this podcast extra enjoyable and encouraging.
— Adina