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Taking Stock


Taking Stock


I know I haven't done many blog prompts or memes in the past, but I had so much fun sharing my "five things" a few weeks ago. The best part? I learned a ton about you all in the process! I've been seeing this list pop up on some of my favorite blogs (here and here) and I thought I'd share my own list. 

  • Making: plans... I've got a life list to work on, my friends!
  • Cooking: sweets (somebody stop me!)
  • Drinking: various types of tea.
  • Reading: Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.
  • Wanting: for nothing.
  • Looking: forward to fall and winter.
  • Playing: with my sweet pup, Hank!
  • Wasting: time worrying. It's true. I worry too much.
  • Sewing: not much, though I do have some repairs to attend to.
  • Wishing: I could find a few more hours in the day.
  • Enjoying: some serious quality time with my husband.
  • Waiting: for the mountains to get some snow!
  • Liking: the weather. Fall is an amazing season here in the Sacramento Valley.
  • Wondering: if I should apply for a full-time job to get a much-needed boost in income.
  • Loving: my friends and family. 
  • Hoping: that some new collaborations I've been cultivating will come to fruition.
  • Marveling: at how quickly my nephews are growing.  
  • Needing: to work out. {See cooking above.}
  • Smelling: rain. It's supposed to be heading our way! 
  • Wearing: leggings. Working from home has some perks.
  • Following: so many inspiring people and their journeys.
  • Noticing: everything I possibly can. File this under appreciating, as well.
  • Knowing: I'm in charge of my own happiness.
  • Thinking: about the future.
  • Bookmarking: new magazines and publications.
  • Opening: some pretty stellar mail as of late.
  • Giggling: after watching Monty Python's Spamalot at Davis Musical Theatre. SO funny. 
  • Feeling: Grateful.


Want to get in on this list action? Here's a list to copy and paste:

  • Making :
  • Cooking :
  • Drinking :
  • Reading:
  • Wanting:
  • Looking:
  • Playing:
  • Wasting:
  • Sewing:
  • Wishing:
  • Enjoying:
  • Waiting:
  • Liking:
  • Wondering:
  • Loving: 
  • Hoping:
  • Marveling:
  • Needing:
  • Smelling:
  • Wearing:
  • Following:
  • Noticing:
  • Knowing:
  • Thinking:
  • Bookmarking:
  • Opening:
  • Giggling:
  • Feeling:

I'd love to see your responses, so feel free to link in the comment section and share with us!

Have a great week, my friends. 

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