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Dear Boston: We Love You

To those affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon finish line yesterday: you are all in our hearts. To the city of Boston: we are all with you. To the first responders: I'm not sure there will ever be words enough to truly thank you for what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



I've visited the amazing city of Boston once and crossed the California International Marathon finish line twice. While training for and finishing two marathons had an undeniable impact on my physical body and my sense of accomplishment, the trip to Boston left an enormous imprint on my heart.

The history, the food, the arts, the people.


As a marathon finisher, Boston fan and human being, I found myself incredibly shaken yesterday. In his statement regarding the attack, President Obama said, "Boston is a tough and resilient town. So are its people."

You know what? He's absolutely right.


What happened yesterday was tragic and terrifying, yet so many heroes emerged. The people of Boston showed exactly what they are made of. Seeing first responders, race volunteers and others run toward the blasts to help the wounded was incredible. Hearing reports of marathon runners crossing the finish line and running right to the hospital to give blood was inspiring. Reading through the #BostonHelp hash tag feed on Twitter with so many offers of help for those affected was absolutely reassuring.


Let's take the time to hug our loved ones, my friends. Let's remember that there are far too many good people on this planet for us to focus solely on the bad. Let's let law enforcement officers do their jobs. Let's reduce the spread of misinformation by checking sources before sharing. Let's help where we can and refrain from pointing fingers.

Most importantly, let's send all of our love to Boston.



Build a Bridge: The Bissell

I thought it was high time for another Build a Bridge post and as I was going through photos last night, I came across photos of the Bissell Bridge from our trip back East in 2011. Lucky us!


The Bissell Bridge is, of course, a covered bridge and is located just north of Charlemont, Massachusetts along the Mohawk Trail. The bridge was completely refurbished in 2009 and is worth a stop if you dig covered bridges as much as I do.


Originally built in 1880 and rebuilt in 1951, the bridge is perched just above Mill Brook, which boasts a lovely water fall.


If you're looking for more bridge action along the Mohawk Trail you can see a few other stops we made on our journey here, here and here.


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Build a Bridge: The French King Bridge

Starting today, Build a Bridge is officially becoming a regular series around here. If you're just joining this little party, please see my first Build a Bridge post here. I thought I'd follow that up with another structure you'll find along the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts: The French King Bridge.

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Build a Bridge: Bridge of Flowers

It's no secret that I'm a bridge nerd. I just love 'em. I can't help it. They're works of art, in my mind, and so darn functional. So, when we headed to Massachusetts last May, I knew that I'd get my fix. I took my husband on a bridge hunt and we were lucky to find some really beautiful structures to gaze upon. Okay...I gazed. My husband just enabled my obsession.