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Leaving (for) Las Vegas

Confession time: I've been to Las Vegas once before and truly never had a desire to return. Yet, here I am packing my bags for my dearest friend's bachelorette weekend in sin city.

I'm hoping for a weekend primarily focused on poolside margaritas and shenanigans to celebrate this gal, but I've got to be honest: the usual Las Vegas scene is decidedly not my thing. I'm not much of a party girl. I'm terrible at holding my liquor—something I'm actually becoming more proud of the older I get. My clubbing/bar-hopping days are a thing of the past (and were short-lived, at best). I'm also not a gambler and would rather not spend my hard-earned money on many of the... ahem... industries Las Vegas is so famous for.

So, I'm trying to think of this trip as an adventure of a different kind. I'd like to relax, have fun, read a book, lounge with new and old friends and celebrate the bride-to-be. I'd also love to come home with a different perception of Las Vegas. I'm positive that it must be a place that has value to all travelers. It must. 

Here's hoping I find it.