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The Post-Vacation Blues

That's a thing, right? The post-vacation blues? It must be, because I'm fairly certain I've got a pretty serious case on my hands. 


By this time last week, we had already indulged in some incredible outdoor adventures in Glacier National Park and I'm having a wee bit of trouble adjusting to "real life" back here at home.

Have any of you experienced something similar? We came back to temperatures well over 100 degrees, terrible air quality, an adorable dog who somehow managed to get himself a pretty impressive puncture wound (all signs are pointing toward a speedy recovery), work stress and more.

In a word: yuck.

I want to know: How do you deal, oh wise ones? What helps to get you back into the swing of things when all you want to do is hop right back in the car and run away from home? I could really use your advice because this recent trip to Montana has me... let's just say... questioning my priorities.

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