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Working Creatively Doesn't Have to Look Like Entrepreneurship


Working Creatively Doesn't Have to Look Like Entrepreneurship

Working Creatively Doesn't Have to Look Like Entrepreneurship //

I've been giving this idea a lot of thought lately. When I first launched Creating Your Own Path as an interview series, I recalled being given a very narrow set of career options in my high school counselor's office. I was a junior at the time and that was when you were supposed to start picking out the path you might want to take in life.

So many of the jobs and career options that exist today simply didn't back then — and it hasn't been that long since high school. Even in college, I felt as though my options were limited, but times are changing and that's a good thing. 

However, I have been stumbling along my path of entrepreneurship for seven years now and, over the last year or so, I've begun realize why certain discussions in this space haven't completely resonated with me.

You see, there's this idea that working creatively means you have to run your own company. Going into business for yourself has become synonymous with success and freedom and all of those values we love to love.

But guess what? You can still work creatively for any number of super rad companies and still be successful and — wait for it — free. Want to know something else? Some of those creative jobs with organizations and companies around the world pay really well and they come with benefits and other perks like never having to use QuickBooks again, allowing the word "hustle" to fall away from your vocabulary, and going to the dentist with some regularity.

What I'm getting at, here, is that I want to urge all of us (myself included) to stop glamorizing the path of the entrepreneur. It's not glamorous. It's really hard work. Being your own boss can be awesome — that's true — but it's not the only way to create your own path.

In fact, I've met dozens and dozens of people over the years whose jobs I didn't even know existed — and the jobs they hold within their companies are SO COOL. I'm betting current high school juniors and college freshmen don't know those jobs exist either. I propose we change that. 

Who's with me?



Remembering to Breathe


You guys. I've missed writing from the heart in this space. I've been busy—really busy—with exciting client work, the business side of running a business, various family and friend-related obligations and you know... life.

I mentioned here and here that I've experienced both the ups and downs of freelance life and I have to say, things are currently looking up on the business side of things. Obviously, this uptick has me feeling excited about the future of my little ride into entrepreneurship. I'm thrilled. I'm pumped. I'm beside-myself-happy.

I'm also exhausted. And a little anxious. And a bit scared. 

I know that it happens in business—these ebbs and flows where the balance shifts from frenzy to crickets; from panic to peace; from feast to famine. We've talked about this before and some of you have felt it too, if I'm not mistaken. From the outside, it can appear as though everyone successfully juggles all the things, but let's be real—it's not easy. 

I'm desperately trying to find the discipline to take care of myself more and carve out time for exploration and creativity (and to be completely honest: a day at the spa). I read a post by Alexis Grant the other day about saying no and what it really means to prioritize our time and our efforts. She wrote that the post was, "A renewed commitment to [her] priorities, and permission to ignore everything else." 

I love that. 

Her words weren't meant to be harsh, but the sentence is incredibly pointed and direct. I'm into that right now. I need to be more direct with myself. I need to allow myself a little space to breathe—to remember what it feels like to just sit still for a moment and only focus on filling the lungs and emptying them.


So, here's to taking a tiny step in that direction my friends.



Spring Cleaning: A Survey


Exciting, I know.  :)

As promised, I am back with a very painless survey and I'm hoping you can spare a few minutes. 

You can find the survey here.

You see, I've come to a point with this blog where I need to decide: keep it as a hobby or fold it into part of my business. In my pursuit of creative entrepreneurship, my ultimate measure of success is making a living doing what I love.

Newsflash: I love this blog! I thoroughly enjoy receiving feedback from each of you wonderful people who read what I write here. Sharing my passions with you is the best! 

And yet, the bottom line is... well... the bottom line.  I currently spend many, many hours creating content in this space and I wouldn't have it any other way. However, it would be nice to create a few revenue streams to help compensate for that time. 

So, I'd love to hear your thoughts. The survey is short and should only take a few minutes of your time.

I really appreciate your help!