Danny Scheible // Photo: Joan Cusick

Today’s interview falls into our current “Material Matters” segment and it brings me to the art studio of Danny Scheible here in Sacramento, CA. Danny has developed a made-up art form called Tapigami and he creates both very large and very small works of art with various types of tape.

In the interview, Danny chats about why creating with tape isn’t really about tape at all — it’s about making art accessible to everyone. He also shares more about the various types of work he does with Tapigami, which includes everything from teaching workshops at Pixar and writing how-to books to building huge installations and creating one-of-a-kind pieces for collectors. 

Producer’s note: the sound quality drops off about 1/3 of the way through the episode. I'm incredibly sorry about that, as it was completely my fault. Please (please) listen all the way through to the end, regardless. Danny has a ton of valuable information and insight to share and I'd hate for you to miss it! 




 "There's no difference between waking up and brushing your teeth and waking up and drawing a picture. It's not like one is sacred." — Danny Scheible, Artist + Tapigami Creator // creatingyourownpath.com


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