CYOP #72 - Sharing Your Story Through Media Outreach with Jennifer Snyder of Perfecting Your Pitch

Today's Tuesday Tips & Tricks episode is sponsored by me and my e-course Perfecting Your Pitch

Perfecting Your Pitch, which starts on April 4, 2016, is designed to help fellow business owners understand the basics of reaching out to media. The three-week course covers topics like which media outlets to pitch, how to find and properly reach out to media contacts, press release basics, maintaining relationships with the media and much more. 

My friend Melissa Camilleri of Compliment (a recent course participant) was kind enough to be a guest interviewer for today's show and in the episode we talk about why I decided to create the course, tips for those who are just starting to think about reaching out to the media, why traditional tools like press releases still matter and much more.

Don't forget: CYOP listeners can get a $10 off the regular price of Perfecting Your Pitch by heading over to the course page and using the offer code "CYOP" at checkout.

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"People who create content for a living are humans. They have names and feelings." Jennifer Snyder, Perfecting Your Pitch //


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  • Dates: April 4 - 22, 2016
  • Special offer: Get $10 off by entering "CYOP" at checkout!


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