The thing about writing is that you're rarely in control. Yes, you can outline and research and edit, but at some point the story is going to be what the story needs to be.

When I sat down to map out my first full-length book (tentatively) titled, Yes, You Should Try That late last year, I definitely had an idea of what it might become. Yet, as I drafted certain stories I knew needed to be in the book, I watched as my ideas of what the book might become began to change.

That's story for you, I suppose.

So, I've stopped writing so much and started listening more. There's still more research to be done and I feel the need to let the story end up where it's meant to end up. Furthermore, there have also been very similar books proposed and written that have (and will) relay some of the messages I had hoped to share in the original version of my book. It happens, right? I simply want to make sure the story I'm writing adds to the conversation, rather than covering ground that's already been so artfully covered.

So there you have it: an update. Here's to moving forward—no matter where the story takes you, my friends.