Creating Your Own Path with CJ Alvarado of Bamboo Creative and The Snippet App. // Full interview at

Happy 2015, everyone and welcome to the launch of Season 2 of Creating Your Own Path!

In today's episode, I'm chatting with CJ Alvarado. He's an entrepreneur at heart and currently runs his creative firm, Bamboo Creative, and the popular publishing platform, Snippet, Inc. In the episode he talks about how Snippet came to life as a separate entity from Bamboo Creative and how the platform is adding to the publishing industry (rather than trying to change it). He also offered up his thoughts on why people should always be at the heart of business, his belief that most of us have won life's lottery and have a responsibility to do something about it and why he has given up email in the mornings. 




"It's okay if you're wrestling through your idea and it's taking time. That's okay [...] because this is hard stuff." - CJ Alvarado // Episode 21 of the  Creating Your Own Path  podcast.


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