Gina Begin  // Writer, Photojournalist + Founder of  Outdoor Women's Alliance

Gina Begin // Writer, Photojournalist + Founder of Outdoor Women's Alliance

When I first heard about Outdoor Women's Alliance (OWA), I thought to myself, "Yes! This is something that needs to be out there in the world." And then when I met (online) the gal behind the movement I said out loud, "Dang, she's amazing."

And she is.

Gina Begin is a freelance writer, photojournalist, explorer, dedicated adventurer and the founder of OWA. She called into the show recently to give us the scoop on everything she's been tackling, both personally and professionally.

She is full of great advice—this I know for certain—but I double dog dare you not to be completely inspired to follow your dreams after listening to this episode.

She's the real deal, my friends. Enjoy! 


Episode description: Today's episode features writer, photojournalist and founding editor of the Outdoor Women's Alliance, Gina Begin. As an avid outdoor adventurer, Gina details her successes and setbacks throughout her journey.

Listen in as she discusses mantras that have kept her going, how she's getting past significant physical injuries and her tips for those looking to head out on their own adventures.  



"Go conquer." - Gina Begin // Listen to the full interview at


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