FREE Digital Wallpaper Download // September 2014 //

Hi friends:

So, September is one of my favorite months and I'm really glad you're here to share it with me. 

Not only is it my birthday month (32, I'm coming for you), but it also signifies the beginning of fall and all things related to that glorious season. I'm ready for summer to cease, I'm ready to hunker down in a good way—with scarves and hot drinks and note pads (hence the moody wallpaper download)—and I'm ready to plan for what the very wise Hilary Rushford would call my next season of hustle.

You see, I've got big plans for the next year or so. I may have a book on the horizon (There, I said it. Feels good!) and I desperately want to take my podcast show on the road. Additionally, I'd like to spend as much time as humanly possible focusing on my own health and wellness because—let's face it—writing about the topic does very little to actually keep one healthy or well.

I hope you'll continue to join in as we all collectively journey into the new season. I know I'll be here—in warm-weather clothes—putting plans onto paper and ideas into action.



FREE Digital Wallpaper Download // September 2014 //

I snapped this photo during our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. The famous rain and fog, which that part of the country is known for, showed up just as we were leaving. I was able to capture the mist hanging over the trees as our ferry pulled away from the dock, heading east.

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So tell me, friends: what's in store for you this month?