For the last several months I've gone about the business of lining up interviews for the Creating Your Own Path podcast. I've been reaching out to my creative friends, acquaintances and people I've admired for years and it's been incredible to receive feedback and hear that many of you love listening. It absolutely warms my heart to know that by taking the time to investigate and share stories, I've been able to create content you feel is worthwhile.

So, what does is take to create content twice each month? More than you'd think:

  • I spend time culling my list of creative people and coordinating interviews.
  • I research my guests' career path and write a script for each show to keep the conversation on point (read: to keep me from rambling).
  • I interview the guests, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the interviewee(s).
  • I spend time editing and uploading the audio so it's ready to go to iTunes and other apps.
  • I write content, fact check and source photos/graphics for the corresponding blog post for each interview.
  • I publish the podcast and blog post and share it as much as I can.

As you can see, the show takes quite some time to create and I really want to make sure I'm building something that you enjoy and want to continue participating in on a regular basis. We're all busy little souls and I know your time is valuable, so I want to know what you'd like to hear on the show. 

If you have just a few moments, I'd love to get your feedback. I have nothing to offer you in return, except the promise of my continued commitment to quality content—yet somehow I think you, the listeners of this show, understand the value of that commitment. 

You can complete the quick, painless survey here.


Thank you in advance for your input and continued support, my friends!