Marvin Maldonado of  inFORM Design  // Photo courtesy of Kyle Monk.

Marvin Maldonado of inFORM Design // Photo courtesy of Kyle Monk.

Meet Marvin Maldonado, my friends. I've known Marvin—who is an incredibly talented designer—for about 4 years and I'm always impressed by his creativity and enthusiasm for his craft. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may remember this interview with his lovely wife, Bridgette, about Gypsy Mobile Boutique. Marvin played a huge role in getting Gypsy up and running and has worked on dozens of really cool projects throughout Sacramento and beyond.

He offers up a ton of great information and advice during the episode, but my favorite part of our discussion comes in around 29:15 when he says, "It's okay to collaborate [...] The general fear with us creatives is that there's not enough work to go around [...] There's always enough work and you've just got to be willing to find it and you've got to be willing to do the extra work to get it [...] When you give work to a colleague and you collaborate [...], that comes back [around]."

I couldn't agree more! I hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to check out the show notes below for more information.

This episode brings me to ThinkHouse Collective in Sacramento, California to chat with designer Marvin Maldonado. His career has not only spanned multiple disciplines, but it has also has weathered the brutal economic climate. His journey has been nothing short of amazing.

Listen in as he discusses the various types of design work he creates, his experience with DIY TV shows, how he finds his center in faith and family and why he's moving in a new direction in the coming months.



Special thanks to ThinkHouse Collective in Midtown Sacramento for the use of their recording space.


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