Why We Love Our Home Base Life

Confession time: I've been spending way too much time in front of the computer lately and not nearly enough time exploring and traveling.

And I miss it.

Over the last several years, we've had incredible opportunities to travel. Yet, as my freelance business has gained momentum (thank you, freelance Gods!), I've sought out travel opportunities less and less.

But you know what? It's sort of okay.

As much as I love adventure and miss hitting the road, this season of life has been more about appreciating our home base. We're working in the yard (and painting our house this week); we're spending time with friends and family as much as we can; I've kept my head down and said yes to professional opportunities that push me to learn more about content creation and we even adopted another puppy!  

Why We Love Our Home Base Life

Being home more reminds me how much we love having a home base. We love having a community to nurture, favorite local haunts to visit and a space to return to after a long day. I often get caught up in the stories I hear about those who've sold it all, packed their bags and decided to travel full-time—it all sounds so dreamy—but I'm not sure we'd ever be willing to give up a home base.

Why We Love Our Home Base Life

The next few months will have more travel sprinkled in, which I'm sure will satisfy my urge to wander a bit more, but I'm also trying hard to appreciate all of the goodness we have right here at home.


So, what about you? How to you balance a home base life with wanderlust that won't quit? I know some of you have mastered this concept and would love to hear your tips!