You guys. I've missed writing from the heart in this space. I've been busy—really busy—with exciting client work, the business side of running a business, various family and friend-related obligations and you know... life.

I mentioned here and here that I've experienced both the ups and downs of freelance life and I have to say, things are currently looking up on the business side of things. Obviously, this uptick has me feeling excited about the future of my little ride into entrepreneurship. I'm thrilled. I'm pumped. I'm beside-myself-happy.

I'm also exhausted. And a little anxious. And a bit scared. 

I know that it happens in business—these ebbs and flows where the balance shifts from frenzy to crickets; from panic to peace; from feast to famine. We've talked about this before and some of you have felt it too, if I'm not mistaken. From the outside, it can appear as though everyone successfully juggles all the things, but let's be real—it's not easy. 

I'm desperately trying to find the discipline to take care of myself more and carve out time for exploration and creativity (and to be completely honest: a day at the spa). I read a post by Alexis Grant the other day about saying no and what it really means to prioritize our time and our efforts. She wrote that the post was, "A renewed commitment to [her] priorities, and permission to ignore everything else." 

I love that. 

Her words weren't meant to be harsh, but the sentence is incredibly pointed and direct. I'm into that right now. I need to be more direct with myself. I need to allow myself a little space to breathe—to remember what it feels like to just sit still for a moment and only focus on filling the lungs and emptying them.


So, here's to taking a tiny step in that direction my friends.