Wallpaper Photo: Oceano Beach, California

Wallpaper Photo: Oceano Beach, California

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I hope you all enjoy the free wallpaper download this month. I've already freshened up my devices with this new look and I'm loving it! As usual, I'm also using this space to set forth a few wishes and intentions for this month. I hope to really focus in on these three things as we head into March.

Wishes + Intentions for March 2014:

Get back on track with my physical health. Yep. I've already fallen out of synch with my exercise routine. It happens, right? I hope to make the most of the month ahead, though, by committing to exercise first thing in the morning. I often head right into my office to check news feeds and read emails. Instead, I'd like to start my day with health in mind. 

Continue pitching story ideas. I spent a lot of time last year pitching manuscripts and ideas to publications. Some of the ideas worked out and some didn't. The one thing I learned is this: publications aren't going to come knocking on my door asking to hire me unless I offer them a reason to do so. Most of my recent work has come from reaching out to people with emails full of really great (if I do say so myself) content ideas. I'd like to focus on keeping those wheels turning this month.

Get our living/working space ready for spring. Warmer weather is on the way—ready or not. I always try to do a little spring reorganizing/cleaning/purging around the house and this year, I'd like to really go for it. That bridesmaid dress? Selling it. Those really (really, really) old receipts and files full of ancient paperwork? They've got to go. The dust on my blinds? Yep. It's out of here.

I can't wait to get started!


What about you, friends? What do you have in the works this month?