Photo: A recent Sacramento Valley sunset. 

Photo: A recent Sacramento Valley sunset. 

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It's that time, my friends! February is here and I'm back with another free wallpaper download for you. I'm also jotting down a few wishes and intentions to help guide me this month.

Let's hop to it, shall we?

Wishes + Intentions for February 2014:

  • Go on a day trip, hike or adventure of some kind. We don't have much travel planned for the month, but it would be nice to get out of our regular weekend routine a bit more. Last month revolved around busy work schedules and I've got a case of cabin fever!
  • Really, truly wrap up my on-the-side design projects. It has to happen. Last month, I plugged away at each project, but didn't quite get to a point where I could cross them off the list.
  • Finalize my little office makeover. The standing desk is happening and I can't wait to turn my home office into a space that's better suited for my various projects.


What about you? What are your wishes and intentions for the month?