I've read some really great books over the last year or so, along with some that turned out to be not-so-great. It happens, right? I thought it would be fun to start a series where we could chat about our favorite reads – whether we've just devoured a new release or can't stop rereading an old classic. What do you think?

I'll start!

"In The Woods" pretty much had me from page one. Set in Dublin, the story follows detectives as they work to solve a pretty creepy murder case. If you like murder mysteries with a backstory, you'll enjoy this book. 

My favorite part: the character development was pretty wonderful and French added some serious depth to the story.

To Buy: "In The Woods"

"Shadow Divers" is a challenge for those who get claustrophobic or are scared of the ocean. The true story of deep sea divers pushing limits in the name of discovery had me feeling anxious and a little scared at times.

My favorite part: This is a tale based on truth and, therefore, had me turning page after page – even if I winced a little each time.

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Another true story, "Wild" follows Cheryl Strayed as she picks up the pieces from a fairly broken life and sets out on a journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. The story is inspiring, terrifying and fun all at once.

My favorite part: Cheryl Strayed is the most unassuming bad ass. You'll admire her and want to be her friend by the end of the book.

To Buy: "Wild"

Now I'd love to hear more about what you're reading!

In the comment section below, tell us:

  1. The name of a favorite or recent read (or a few, if you're feeling up to it)
  2. The author's name
  3. Your favorite part of the book (could be a character, scene or theme... just tell us why you recommend it!) 


I can't wait to get some recommendations from you all! 

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