Adventures in Book Land: A 90-Day Experiment

It's officially fall, you guys. Can you feel it? 

With the start of a new season, new month and new quarter, I'm embarking on a little challenge. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm working on a book and my goal is to move one step closer to bringing that project to life each day. So, for the next three months—which equals exactly 90 days if I remove Thanksgiving and Christmas from the equation—I'll be working on all things book related.

I still have a hefty freelance workload at the moment and I'll be keeping the podcast schedule at two episodes each month, but each day I'll be devoting a significant chunk of time to writing, researching, reaching out to collaborators and (gulp) potentially pitching the idea to publishers. Because let's be honest—if I don't give myself the time and space to create, this book will never happen.

That's where you come in.

I'll be sharing a lot of my updates and progress over the next three months. While I probably won't share here every day (I'm not sure adding a daily update to the workload is all that feasible), I do plan to let you all in on my thought process, big decisions and any tips I learn along the way. And I want to hear from you during this process! You all know how much I love and appreciate insightful feedback and this project is no exception. Let's think of this book as a giant work in progress, being documented in real time. Sound good?


I can't wait to dedicate a little more time to this adventure. Thanks for coming along for the ride, my friends!