It's true: I was planning to hold off on posts until after the new year. Instead, I'm back in action here on the blog after a work/illness/food/family/friend –filled week. We had a lovely Christmas, but I have to be honest: it wasn't much of a break. You know when you end up wishing for a break from your break? That's the feeling I'm feeling.

Aside from all that, I've missed you all and I'm very excited to be back just in time to share some of my favorite posts of 2013. It's been a pretty great year, so I hope you don't mind if I indulge in a little reminiscing!


One of our favorite pastimes is loading up the dogs and heading to the Snyder family ranch. While we're now down to just one pup, all of our dogs over the years have experienced the thrill of running through field after field. We're so grateful to have the space to explore – even in the muddy month of January!


In February I offered up five of my favorite places to take a stroll in the Sacramento area and it has become one of my most popular posts! If you're visiting the area anytime soon, feel free to tuck these tips away for future use.

MARCH 2013:

In March I started thinking about the career paths of the many (many) creative people I've come across over the years. This post was the beginning of the 'Creating Your Own Path' series, which is one of my favorite posts to publish every month.  

APRIL 2013:

In April I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Cal Neva, which is a quirky hotel and casino perched high above the banks of Lake Tahoe. There are dozens of rumors and conspiracies floating around about the place, which makes for a fantastic tour!

MAY 2013:

I kicked off the 'Creating Your Own Path' series in May with the very talented Sacramento-based artist, Brian Schmitt. His work is absolutely incredible.

JUNE 2013:

In June I finally had a chance to write about the quick trip I took to Denver in April. It was my first time in Denver and I must say, I left pretty impressed. I think the city's dedication to public art struck me the most.

JULY 2013:

The month of July was almost entirely dedicated to our road trip to Glacier National Park and I'm not sorry about it at all. To read about our adventures, click here and scroll to your heart's delight.  

AUGUST 2013:

August was full of family time and an opportunity to visit new-to-me spots along the central coast of California.


In an effort to share my favorite parts of my hometown, I wrote a little love letter to the Sacramento area and put together a handy guide for anyone looking to visit. 


We had a chance to check out Ocean Cove for some fall camping and abalone diving in October. It is such a stunning place!


In November I took the leap and consolidated my two websites (blog + portfolio site) into one. What an experience that was! I'm absolutely loving that all of my online goodies are now in one place.  


December was a month of juggling work schedules, much-needed family time, holiday fun and (unfortunate) winter illnesses. In the midst of all that, we introduced our dog Hank to snow and were rewarded with some thoroughly entertaining moments.  


What a year! Looking back makes my heart so full, but I'm thrilled to be heading into a new year with new possibilities for adventure.

Cheers to 2014, my friends! 

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