As the holidays come rushing toward us, I have to stop and thank the lovely folks who support this blog. Readers and sponsors, alike – you all are the reason I keep coming to this space and sharing what I know.

This month, I offer my continuing gratitude to the duo over at Bourbon & Goose. They've stuck around for many months and knowing they're hanging out in the sidebar just makes me smile.

At this point, Marissa and Sam probably don't need much introduction. I know them as the kick-ass team behind the blog Bourbon & Goose. They offer up adventurous and fun-loving content, complete with playlists, creative ideas, the scoop on where the cool kids hang and much more. They're into so many cool and inspiring things. I just can't get enough!

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It's hard to believe we've reached the final Sponsor Love post of 2013! Thank you to everyone who has supported this space throughout the year. I feel lucky to have you all return here to read, appreciate one another and share. Here's to a happy holiday season and a fantastic 2014!