Fear not, dear readers: this isn't really the end.

I'm actually writing today's post to give you all a heads up regarding the next step in the evolution of this creative adventure. You see, I started this blog in 2011 as a journal of my everyday musings, travels and more. It launched as a hodgepodge of content that has developed into a wonderful community of like-minded folks who share similar life goals and passions. It has also turned into an extension of what I do for a living.

As you know, I write, edit and create content for websites, mobile apps, publications, organizations and small businesses for a living. I'm also a huge fan of dabbling in other creative arenas including art, graphic design, photography, video creation and more. All of these things are slowly starting to develop here:

Taking photos, processing photos and developing content for my blog doesn't differ that much from what I do for a living. So why would my blog live under a separate brand and website URL? I've asked myself this question (along with many others) as I've meandered this creative path and I've decided:  

It's time to consolidate, it's time to focus and it's high time to build one online presence for myself as a freelance content creator, occasional dabbler and advocate for all things inspiring.

So, in the coming weeks, I'll be transitioning this blog content over to and slowly letting go of the People + Places + Things website and brand. It won't be easy, but it just makes sense.

This is where you come in, my friends. This blog is nothing without you. You make up this community of like-minded people who share, discuss and provide feedback so readily. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for you.

Now, you may have a few questions and I'm going to do my best to answer a few I anticipate getting in the coming weeks.


Q: Are you crazy?

A: Ha! Perhaps. Switching URL's can be challenging, frustrating and a little (read: a lot) messy. I have a huge job ahead of me as it is much easier to start from scratch with new content then it is to transfer content from one URL to another. That said, I want my content to carry over and I'll do what needs to be done to make that happen. If you think that's a little crazy, that's okay with me. ;)

Q: What will change for us?

A: Not much. The most noticeable difference for you will be the shift from this space to over the next few days and weeks. The blog will live in the "Journal" section of the site once the transition is complete. Much of the current content will remain intact, aside from a few posts that no longer fit the vision I have for this space.

Q: Will your content change along with your brand?

A: Not really. Moving forward, the content may go through a few minor changes, but the overall vibe will stay true to what I've been creating in this space for the last several years. 

Q: I subscribe via email. Will I still get posts emailed to me?

A: Yes. There may be a slight disruption in email updates while I transition the blog over to the new website. I'm also working to launch a new email newsletter with more features that will allow you to receive all sorts of inspiring goodness.

Q: I follow you via a feed reader. Will I be able to follow your posts in the future.

A: Definitely.  I'll be posting updates to this space in the coming weeks to make sure you have the latest information regarding the new blog feed. 

Q: I've been thinking about sponsoring your blog. Will I still be able to do that at the new site?

Yes! Sponsorships will transfer over along with the content. 

Q: What will happen to People + Places + Things? 

A: I'm hanging on to the People + Places + Things website for a bit to make sure I can keep you all posted on the transition. As for what happens after that, I'm not entirely sure. Rest assured, you'll be the first to know. 


As always, thank you for sticking with me. Your thoughtful comments and words of encouragement are always just what I need to read. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask away in the comment section or get in touch with me here.


Update: Since this blog post went live on People + Places + Things after I had already started transferring content over, the comments didn't make the trip. You can view them below. I'm so humbled by the support, my friends. Thank you.

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