Picture this: I'm driving to my salon on Friday where I plan to get a trim like I always do. I had been toying around with the idea to go really short eventually, but I was planning on waiting until after a friend's wedding next year. Then somewhere along Highway 50, music blaring and windows down, bravery started to creep in. "Why the heck am I waiting?" I thought to myself. "That's just silly."  

So I cut it. BOOM. Done. 

Not only did I cut it, but I was able to donate my hair to a charity that makes wigs for those in need. I've only been able to donate once before... way back before I started coloring my hair.


The whole exercise got me thinking: why shouldn't I do this every few years? I don't color my hair, it grows pretty quickly and I have an amazing stylist who could make any hair style look good, so why not? Is hair farming a thing? Should it be?

I must say, it feels pretty great knowing I've got a new look and I've just helped make a new look possible for someone else out there. I've found a few charities here, here and here, if you're in the market to donate.


Your turn: Have you ever donated your hair? Would you become a ... ahem... hair farmer? 

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