Starting today, Build a Bridge is officially becoming a regular series around here. If you're just joining this little party, please see my first Build a Bridge post here. I thought I'd follow that up with another structure you'll find along the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts: The French King Bridge


The bridge, which was completed in 1932, connects the towns of Erving and Gill, Massachusetts over the Connecticut River. Here's the view from the road on the Gill, MA side:


However, if you drive over the bridge along Route 2, take Dorsey Road, park your car and walk down East Mineral Road, you'll get this view:


By the way, the photo above was taken from another bridge.

This one:


How's that for bridge love, huh? This is the East Mineral Road Bridge (read more about it here) and it's open to pedestrians and bikes.

You can also check out Google Maps for a closer look at navigating the area.

While we visited Massachusetts in the spring, I could see this being a perfect trek to experience the fall colors come October. A road trip through Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut in the fall? Sounds divine. Throw in a side trip to New York and I'm in.

Hmmmm...sounds like another visit is in order!


I'm still open to bridge tips for this series, by the way. Just throw them out in the comment section and we'll see what sticks.

Happy Wednesday, all!

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