Admittedly, things were a little quiet on the blog front last week. We decided last Tuesday that it was time for a yard sale...and that we were going to have it on Saturday. So, within just a few days we cleaned out closets, drawers and boxes in the garage in an effort to cut out the excess.You see, we have it. Excess, I mean. Several months ago, I came across this blog post from local blogger Ashlee Gadd over at Where My Heart Resides (whose writing and photography are both fantastic, by the way...go ahead and subscribe right now). It's the one where she writes about not being able to find her good underwear. I'm not kidding. She writes about her underwear drawer and it's the best post ever.

I could completely, 100%, without question relate to the post. As I got to reading, I realized that she was cutting the clutter throughout her home. I was feeling particularly...uh...crowded at the time, so the post really resonated with me. We purge fairly often and try not to accumulate and I think we usually do okay. I was reading these posts in July, however, when I was also saving things from the 'donate' pile at my Nana's house. I was saying yes to less than attractive sweaters because they smelled of my Nana's perfume, taking home dishes I didn't need simply because they were from her kitchen and treasuring trinkets because I remembered them from that one time. I was not ready to let those things go. Not yet.

Recently, it had become too much. I went back and re-read Ashlee's posts (click here, here and here to get started) and was inspired. I didn't go room by room like she did and reorganize top to bottom (read: no amazing before and after photos). I just took inventory and asked myself if we really needed everything. A lot of the time, the answer was no.

Thus, a yard sale was born.


Let me be clear: we didn't part with most of the items from Nana's house. We did, however, finally let go of those mismatched glasses from college, holiday decor that I'm pretty sure was never all that attractive, furniture that has since been replaced with lovely and meaningful pieces from my Nana's house, clothing that hadn't seen the light of day for months (okay...years) and much more.

And it felt GOOD.

Anyone out there bust out a last-minute yard sale this weekend? Who's tackling the excess in their life right now?

I highly recommend it.