Yup. You read that right. We're getting a new puppy! After losing Rooc to canine lymphoma (alert: it's the longest post ever and it's about more than dogs), Zen has been wandering around the house looking lost. So, we started looking for puppies to adopt in the area. We found this little guy...


...via PetHarbor.com and we just found out that he's ours (!!!) as soon as he's been neutered. We're adopting him from Northwest S.P.C.A in Oroville, California. Turns out county animal services picked him up as a stray and no one has come to claim him. Breaks my heart! There were a TON of puppies and adult dogs at the shelter, if you're in the market to adopt.

Here's a little video we used to share the news with friends and family:

We're so excited to bring him home!